The Radzilla project was launched 2004 as an alternative branch of the physically exact raytracer Radiance. The goal was to set up a versatile simulation program, being equally capable of producing reliable lighting calculations as well as impressive lighting visualizations, for both day- and artificial light, based on - and carrying them further - the many innovative ideas introduced by Radiance. Development activities were manyfold, and included enhancements of existing functionality, implementation of new modules and features, and integration of externally developed modules. Radzilla had an Open Source status until 2007.
From 2007 onward, the development continued at Relux Informatik AG, Switzerland. In 2009, the Radzilla executables replaced the Radiance raytracer core in the comprehensive relaunch of the Relux simulation software, the new ReluxSuite. The developments made during that time steadily improved the capabilites of the raytracer core in the context of its integration within the ReluxSuite main program. As integral part of the ReluxSuite, both original Radiance and new Radzilla ideas finally surpassed the boundaries of the scientific community and entered the realm of the lighting designers everyday practice, with a numerous and widespread international user group.
Whilst the development of the existing raytracer core modules continues on, the name Radzilla is no longer limited to the specific program modules anymore. From now on, Radzilla stands for innovative developments on a freelance basis in the field of lighting simulation and visualization, for day- and artificial light, including all accompanying tasks.

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